Monday, February 2, 2009

Thanks to Nick...

i was going to try and type this properly, but my dog rinney roo has decided its time to cuddle, so my left arm is around no caps. be lucky to spell everything correctly.

this is titled thanks to nick because nick is the reason i am starting this blog. i've been reading his for quite some time now, and actually have been a little jealous because he's such a great writer.

i've been writing since high school, off and on, and find it to be a great release for upsets and positive things happening in my life. i should have been doing this for quite some time now because my life has been a rollcoaster ride from heaven and hell. i hope all will bear with me. it's not that scarey of a ride, but it's one i want to take some people on.

so nick, thank you, whether you know it or not, you have brought me to this place. i've got a huge roll of tickets, so i hope you'll ride along with me. by the way nick, happy birthday. this is my gift to you.